Why a girls' school?

​St Mary’s College Ipswich has been educating girls since 1863. This long history educating only girls makes us well placed to tailor a schooling experience that benefits our young women. The College is part of The Alliance of Girls’ Schools (Australasia).

We are specialists in girls’ education, providing benefits across many areas.

Academic Advantages

Girls in girls’ schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in Australia. An all-girls environment means our students are free to pursue their potential without any stereotypes that may limit her choices. Students at St Mary’s are encouraged to pursue any field of study which interests them.

Role Models and Leadership

All leadership positions at St Mary’s College are filled by girls, and our students are encouraged to lead, compete, participate and take risks. Younger students see examples of strength and confidence in our older students and aspire to emulate their successes.

A Tailored Curriculum

Girls’ education is a specialist field. Our teachers tailor their classes and curriculum for girls, meaning students are more likely to be engaged with the content and the teaching methods used in each subject. Each student is free to participate in class without the teacher’s attention being dominated by boys.

Countless Opportunities

Student’s at St Mary’s enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity. All activities are open to girls: they participate, influence and lead. There is no gender stereotyping with subject selection or co-curricular activities. Girls are able and encouraged to explore a career or future in any area.

Counteracting Negative Influences

At St Mary’s, our students can work through the challenges of adolescence without fear of embarrassment or harassment. Our well-being program is designed to help girls manage the competing pressures they may face throughout their teenage years. Every student is encouraged and supported by our Pastoral Care program, and our team of Guidance Counsellors who are experienced in helping young women thrive.

To read more on the vast benefits of an all-girls education, visit the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia website.​​