Vision, Mission and Values


St Mary’s College is committed to the education of young women from Years 7 to 12 in the Mercy Tradition​​. As a Catholic school, we offer a holistic education that is values based and life-giving, ensuring each student achieves to her potential and becomes a woman of integrity. Our education prepares young women to be active global citizens with the skills, confidence and resilience to live life to the full and make a difference in an ever-changing world. Our values have been developed in consultation with our community, to ensure the views of all are represented.

The College has clear, contemporary Mission and Vision statements that guides all its practices. As a Catholic school we are a faith-based community that nurtures each student to know God and to develop their own spiritual journey. Educational practices are supported and guided by the promotion of the St Mary’s College Mission and Vision, as well as the guiding values.


With Jesus and Mary as our models, St Mary’s College provides a quality holistic education in a caring Catholic community. All students are challenged to become confident and creative individuals, and successful lifelong learners who strive for excellence, through contemporary and innovative learning opportunities.​


Empowering young women to be compassionate, resilient individuals who live with integrity and faith.​



​St Mary’s College has recently undertaken a process to assess our current Vision, Mission and Values statements. You can read about this process here.