Defence school mentor

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​Ipswich is a Defence town, and St Mary’s is a Defence community. We are proud to educate many students from current and former Defence families

The Defence School Mentor (DSM) supports and assists Defence students and their families in making a smooth transition from one school to the next. Working in partnership with the Pastoral Care team and teaching staff, the DSM provides ongoing assistance, helping to resolve issues that may arise during a student’s time at the College.

For students and families, the DSM:

  • Supports new ADF students and their families as they integrate into the College community.
  • Provides ongoing support to students during challenging times, for example, when a family member is absent due to deployment, exercises or courses.
  • Regularly communicates with staff to create awareness and understanding of the particular needs of young people from ADF families.
  • Provides a key point of contact for Defence students and parents.
  • Monitors students’ day-to-day social and emotional well-being.​
  • Facilitates opportunities for Defence students and their families to meet and socialise.

The DSM works to ensure students’ experience at St Mary’s College is positive and productive. Please get in touch with the DSM if you have any new enrolment enquiries or questions regarding this program.

The DSM at St Mary’s College is Mary Galea. Phone (07) 3432 5439 or email