Making Science Fun


Science Ambassadors Layla Smith & Lucy Treagle

St Mary's College Ipswich dynamic science program is inspiring the next generation of innovative thinkers, inside and outside the classroom.

As subjects, the College offers Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology. This is enhanced by the addition of several extra-curricular science program, designed to extend and challenge students who are good at science, and engage and inspire students who may not know much about science.

SMC has five Science Ambassadors. These students have a passion for science and work to share this with their fellow students. Year 12 students Lucy Treagle and Layla Smith are proud to be Science Ambassadors this year.

“I like science because it provides answers to the world's most difficult questions," Layla said. “I enjoy studying it because it explains how the world works."

“The amazing group of teachers we have at SMC makes studying science really enjoyable," Lucy said. “I particularly enjoy participating in hands on experiments, like making sherbet and concoctions with chemicals and watching the reactions. We are fortunate to have access to all the equipment necessary to perform these amazing experiments."

Science Ambassadors organise experiments and activities for the fortnightly Science Club, and help to promote and coordinate activities for Science Week.

“Time management is a skill we've all mastered during our time as Science Ambassadors this year. We often need to do work in our free time, and use our lunch breaks for Science Club. It's worth it though, to give a new meaning to science at SMC!" Lucy said.

A passion for science is encouraged in Year 7 and 8 students through the Wonder of Science program. Wonder of Science inspires students to engage in rigorous, real-world STEM learning and to aspire for excellence in STEM. Throughout the program, students work in groups to investigate a problem and design, build and test a solution. Finalists from the College will compete in the Regional Finals later this term.

Additionally, SMC is involved in the Fish in Schools program. An initiative of the Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association, the program engages students in the husbandry and breeding of local species that are in decline. SMC is currently housing Honey Blue-eyes, Bremer River Rainbow Fish and Hardy Heads.

St Mary's College Ipswich Principal Paula Goodwin said the STEM offerings at the College were helping all students to achieve in this area. “Research demonstrates that girls feel empowered to behave in more competitive ways without the presence of boys. Girls in girls' schools are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose including in the gender atypical areas of science, technology, engineering and maths. This is true of St Mary's College students."