Extension and Enrichment


Beyond the Classroom – Extension and Enrichment

Diverse learning enrichment opportunities enhance our curriculum, including university short courses, vocational courses, school-based traineeships and national academic competitions. High achieving students are encouraged to pursue extension programs to ensure they remain challenged.

St Mary's College offers many opportunities for your daughter to extend herself beyond the classroom. Our sport, culture and mission programs encompass a range of activities to complement traditional modes of study. Participating in extra-curricular activities, students learn valuable life skills such as organisation, time management, team work and leadership as well as build their sense of confidence, belonging and community.

In line with helping each student achieve to her potential, our Learning Enrichment team work to identify and assist students in need of extra support. The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) staff work with students on a casual or ongoing basis helping students to understand a concept, begin or continue an assignment or prepare for exams. and to offer opportunities for extension.