St Mary's College offers a diverse range of co-curricular activities to challenge, encourage and develop our students. There are opportunities for all girls to belong and to find an area where they can shine. 

 Debating Competition 

St Mary’s College has a strong tradition of debating and public speaking. In 2021 the College founded the Ipswich Secondary Schools Debating Competition. Held in term two each year, the competition invites teams from eight local schools to compete in junior, intermediate, and senior debating categories. The 2023 season has approximately 45 teams registered to attend. Being involved in debating provides students the opportunity to develop teamwork skills, build the ability to think laterally, grow their communication skills, and have fun in the process. Debating is a great way for our students to develop a variety of skills which have endless benefits across all of their subjects. Further benefits of debating include: 

 • Marked improvement in a wide variety of academic skills 

 • Greatly improves reading comprehension 

 • Assists students in becoming self-directed learners 

• Builds the ability to think laterally 

 • Increase capacity to quickly create logical counterpoints 

 • Develops students’ mental and emotional maturity 

 • Improves young people’s cooperation and conflict-resolution skills.

Sporting Program 

St Mary's College offers a wide range of co-curricular sporting opportunities and all students are encouraged to participate. Involvement in co-curricular sport enhances and develops physical skills and well-being, and also builds self-confidence and pride in the College. Participation in sport also develops important skills such as teamwork, leadership, organisational skills and commitment.

 Students can compete in a range of Inter-School sporting competitions. The College is a part of the CaSSSA - The Catholic Secondary Schoolgirls' Sports Association of Queensland​ and competes in the CaSSSA competitions for Cross Country, Swimming and Athletics. In addition, girls can participate in competitions against schools in the Ipswich area. There are also opportunities for students who excel in a particular sport trial for Zone, Regional, State and National teams. The College also nominates in a number of state-wide competitions. 

Sports on offer include:

• AFL 

• Athletics 

• Basketball 

• Cricket 

• Cross Country 

• Futsal Soccer 

• Hockey

• Netball 

• Rugby League 

• Soccer 

• Softball 

• Sport Aerobics 

• Swimming 

• Tennis 

• Touch Football 

• Volleyball​​

​Cultural Program 

In addition to the wide variety of curriculum arts offerings in all year levels, St Mary's College has a dynamic, vibrant and diverse range of activities in the co-curricular Cultural Program, designed to enhance students' learning, enjoyment and sense of achievement.

Dance Troupes 

Self-expression and creativity are core to the co-curricular Dance Program at St Mary's College. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop and refine their technical, performance and expressive skills outside of the classroom through the Dance Troupe program. Students involved in the SMC Dance Troupes perform at College and community events as well as compete at renowned Eisteddfods and competitions in south-east Queensland. Involvement in the SMC Dance Troupes offers students a sense of belonging and achievement through building important skills of collaboration and teamwork. 

Music Program 

St Mary's College, in conjunction with St Edmund's College offers a wide variety of ensembles for instrumental and vocal students of all abilities. Ensembles rehearse once per week and perform at a variety of events throughout the year including Performing Arts Nights, Cultural Showcase, Queensland Catholic Schools' and Colleges' Music Festival, Liturgies and Masses, Little Kings Movement, Awards Nights and other school and community events. The College also has a strong instrumental music tuition program, offering students the opportunity to learn an instrument. Students in Years 7 to 9 may receive up to one year of free instrumental music tuition, funded by the P&F. The program caters for all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced. 


St Mary's College and St Edmund's College have a long tradition of staging high quality and entertaining musicals. Students from both schools have the opportunity to audition to be involved in a musical every year, with each school taking responsibility for producing the musical in alternate years; St Mary's College producing musicals in even years. 

Journalism & Media Team 

The Journalism and Media Team (JAM) meet regularly to refine their skills in capturing and sharing content. JAM students act as photographers for College events, write articles for the College newsletter, facilitate competitions for students, produce a podcast and a College magazine.